A Complete In-depth Audit For Your Google Shopping Ads

Take our end-to-end Shopping Ads Audit and gain insights on how to—

  • FREE Shopping Ads AuditIncrease reach and maximize visibility
  • FREE Shopping Ads AuditAppear on the top of SERPs
  • FREE Shopping Ads AuditEliminate separate keyword bids
  • FREE Shopping Ads AuditGet qualified leads
  • FREE Shopping Ads AuditDrive more ROI

The Do’s & Don’ts of Google Shopping Ads

  • Maintain a campaign structure
  • Set campaign priorities
  • Create compelling product titles
  • Focus more on the top-selling products
  • Focus on appropriate product segmentation
  • Don’t violate Google’s Shopping Ad policies
  • Avoid brand or product misrepresentation
  • Eliminate negative keywords
  • Don’t use click baits for high click-through rates
  • Don’t bid the same for mobile and desktop

All That You Need To Increase Your Returns From Shopping Ads

Product Optimization

Product Optimization

Opportunity Insights

Opportunity Insights

Steps to Get Consistent Sales

Steps to Get Consistent Sales

Technical Review & Recommendations

Technical Review & Recommendations
An End-to-end Audit To Optimize Your Shopping Ads

An End-to-end Audit To Optimize Your Shopping Ads

  • Google Product CategoriesGoogle Product Categories
  • Product TitlesProduct Titles
  • Product DescriptionsProduct Descriptions
  • Product TypesProduct Types
  • Brands & TrademarksBrands & Trademarks
  • Item Group IDs & Other elementsItem Group IDs & Other elements
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